Bluey memory matching game print out

How to play this printable Bluey memory pairs game

Download the printable sheets using the button above. Glue the pages to cardboard or an old cereal box and then cut them out. The cardboard will help to keep them strong.

There are 54 cards in total with 27 pairs of Bluey characters including favourites such as Bingo, Bandit and Lucky!

There is an extra sheet in the activity pack featuring a printable and foldable Bluey box to keep all of your cards safe.

To Play

1. Lay all the pieces image facing down on a flat surface.

2. Take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If the cards have the the same picture, then they are yours and you get another turn. If they don鈥檛 match, turn them back over (but remember where they are). Now it鈥檚 the next player鈥檚 turn.

3. Continue taking turns until all the cards have been matched.

The person with the most pairs is the winner!

Bonus activity

You could even use your Bluey cards to play an fast paced and exciting game of Snap.

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Where can I watch Bluey?

Watch Bluey and keep up to date with the Heeler family on 大象传媒 iPlayer and the CBeebies channel.

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